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AKU Hike&Fly Sprint 2023

From September 23 to November 11 2023


AKU Hike&Fly Sprint 2023 is the new hike&fly event, organised by the Feltre Para&Delta Club with AKU as title sponsor. A sprint race in 5 stages among the mountains of Val Belluna, Alpago and Prealpi Venete, with a formula suitable also for pilots approaching the discipline of hike&fly or for those who wish to gain experience for more challenging competitions. The first edition is scheduled from 23 September to 11 November 2023.

1. Lentiai

September 23, 2023
The Race

Start: 10.00 a.m in Lentiai (Piazza Crivellaro) – BL.

Hike1: From Lentiai (261 m), the athletes ascend on foot northwards, either on a free track or along the asphalt road, to the ridge of Monte Garda. Shortly before Monte Arten the asphalt road gives way to a dirt road; they pass Monte Arten, Col Moscher and with a series of ups and downs reach Col dei Piatti (1256 m).

Fly: From Col dei Piatti (1256 m), pilots must take off and land in Ronchena.

Hike2: from Ronchena with a short walk of about 2 km to the arrival in the square in Lentiai.

Height difference: +995 m.

Hike: 11,8 km.

Organised by

Massimiliano, Hike&Fly Lentiai (tel. 345.000.4926).

2. Casera Ere

October 7, 2023
The Race

Start: 10.00 a.m. in Roncoi (San Gregorio Municipality -BL-).

Hike1: From Roer (747 m), athletes must walk to the Casera Ere hut (1297 m) along the forest road.

Fly1: From the Casera Ere hut (1297 m), pilots will take off to land in Roncoi.

Hike2: from Roncoi, ascend on foot along the forest road back to the Casera Ere hut.

Height difference: +1100 m.


Organised by

Matteo Paniz, manager Casera Ere Hut (tel. 389.803.1588).

3. Pafagai

October 21, 2023
The Race

Start: 10.00 a.m. in Lamen (Feltre Municipality -BL-), Genziana restaurant.

Hike1: From Val di Lamen (750 m), the athletes will walk to Col dei Cavai (1610 m) with an obligatory crossing point at Colonia Croce d’Aune.

Fly1: From Col dei Cavai (1610 m), pilots will take off to land in Val di Lamen.

Hike2: From Val de Lamen (750 m), the athletes will have to walk to Monte Pafagai (1048 m) along the Covoli trail in Val di Lamen.

Fly2: From Mount Pafagai (1048 m), the pilots will take off to land again in Val di Lamen.

Height difference: +1158 m.


Organised by

Luca Palma, manager Bar Genziana restaurant (tel. 320.195.0428).

4. Revine Lago

October 28, 2023
The Race

Start: 10 am at Lago (Livelet Park), hamlet of Revine Lago (TV)

Hike: from Lago (220m) ascent on foot to the ridges of the Treviso Pre-Alps between “Pian delle Femene” and “Monte Torresel” (1100m)

Fly: from the ridge take-off (1100m) you fly to land at Lago (220m)
altitude difference +880 m

Hike route: 8 km on asphalt, dirt road and trail

Organised by

Ezio Grassi, Volo Libero Prealpi (tel. 339.421.4648).

5. Alpago

November 11, 2023
The Race

Start: 10.00 a.m. in San Martino (Chies d’Alpago Municipality -BL-).

Hike1: From San Martino (865 m), the athletes will have to walk up to the Dolada hut and then to Col Mat (1981 m).

Fly1: From Col Mat (1981 m), pilots will take off to land at San Martino (865 m).

Height difference: +1116 m.

Hike: 6 km.

Organised by

Andrea Volpe, Delta Club Dolada (tel. 392.287.3089).

General organisation and race direction is provided by the Para&Delta Club Feltre A.S.D.


> On the day of each stage, before 09.59 hrs, it will be possible to register at the start.

Must have

> Also first Hike&Fly competition experience.
> Minimum hiking experience.
> Valid paragliding licence and insurance (liability, helicopter and health insurance).
> Always put personal safety first and ranking and competition second.

More info

> For information on the AKU Hike&Fly Sprint programme call Andrea Saioni (tel. 347 317.2507).

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