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In 2022 the number of club members increased to 169, therefore it was decided to switch to online registration.
However there will be a few days in December, Friday the 16th of December from 4pm to 8pm, Saturday the 17th from 3pm till 8pm and Sunday the 18th of December from 10am till 1pm, that will be dedicated to in person registrations and also to exchange greetings for the happy holidays.

The annual Club Gadget can be collected in-person at the above registration times. Those registering online you must ask for your gadget when you visit the office.

The online registration methods are as follows:

1.1 Please check the data that has been entered in the PDF registration form that has been sent to you. Highlight any errors in red.

ATTENTION: PLEASE ADD YOUR CLOTHES SIZE FOR FUTRUE GADGETS ETC in the middle of the first page, under the heading “Taglia” then scan the correct and signed form.

1.2 If you have not been sent a the completed form, you can download it from the “Download” button at the bottom of the page, fill it in, sign it and scan it;
N.B. In the second part of the form, please cross out any of the following that does not apply to you e.g:

– What is your membership category, pilot or support member
– and If you wish to renew your DolomitiEmergency membership
The fees are as follows:
Pilot only is €30.00
Pilot and DolomitiEmergency membership is €18 + € 30 = €48
Supporter fee is €15.00
Supporter fee €15 + DolomitiEmergency €15 + €18 = €33
Please write the total in the box “Totale euro”

  1. Transfer the money to IBAN number written on the form including the following:

Your full name, pilot or supporting member and to which payments the amount refers to for example, Registration 2023 “Name/s Member/s” or Registration + DolomitiEmergency 2023 “Name/s Member/s”.
Pilots CANNOT register as supporting members.
3. Carry out the operations described above and send the signed registration form and the bank transfer receipt to the Club email address:, specify subject as:
We are available for any clarifications via, or telephone: Paolo 3475523810


– For registration with FIVL alone, this can be fulfilled by downloading the application form from the website and following the instructions contained therein and/or on the FIVL website;
– To insurance with FIVL, information can be found on the same FIVL website through BENEACQUITA, the registration is performed automatically as it is included in the insurance application.

As of 2022, registration and or insurance applications can only be made online:
1. For new insurances on the FIVL website, enter “registrations and insurances”. Click on FIVL and then “Iscrizioni e Assicarazioni” and follow the instructions.
2. For those who had FIVL insurance in 2022, BENEACQUITA will shortly send you an email, explaining access the link. Please check that the information they hold is correct especially relating to the type of insurance you need. Any changes must be made through the website. If you are not sure how to do this, the contact details are below for advice.

1. Application for registration/insurance and PAYMENT must be made by the member;
2. The insurance form must be signed online and any payment to FIVL by bank transfer or postal payment slip/cheque, you will need to provide the Pilots first name, surname, contract activation number and the club to which you belong to on the back of the payment slip or in the email to

Contracts signed digitally need only send the first summary page. Contract signed manually must be filled out in full and sent;
3. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended that you communicate and send the application form and payment to your club
4. The FIVL card indicating the insurance will be sent to the Club, you will be notified of it’s arrival and when it can be collected.
Please note, the above information can be found in full and better explained on the FIVL website. However if you need any clarifications or assistance call Paolo 3475523810 or email the club thank you.