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Regulation PrealpiTour H&F Race 2023

The “PREALPI-TOUR H&F race” is a “Hike and Fly” paragliding competition. The challenge consists in following the planned itinerary between refuges and huts, in the Triveneto Pre-Alps region, as quickly as possible, passing through fixed “Turn Points”, either paragliding or walking.
The format of the race makes it accessible to all sufficiently expert pilots wanting to try the HIKE & FLY adventure immersed in nature with its total respect.



4 day event, from 20 to 23 July 2023.

Wednesday 19 July 2023 – from 13.00 to 18.00 material control and punching, 19.00, BRIEFING (mandatory for all pilots and supporters), welcome refreshments.

Thursday 20 – Day 1: Start = 10:00 / Stop = 21:00

Friday 21 – Day 2: Start = 07:00 / Stop = 21:00

Saturday 22 – Day 3: Start = 07:00 / Stop = 21:00

Sunday 23 – Day 4: Start = 07:00 / Stop = 15:30

Sunday 23 – 18.30/19.00 Prize giving.

The race is neutralized during the night, from 21.00 to 7.00,

All pilots must be followed compulsorily by a SUPPORTER on the ground.


organizing committee: Para&Delta Club Feltre.
Race Director: appointed by the organizing committee.
Race Committee: Formed by the Race Director, a member of the organizing committee and two pilots elected by the competitors among those proposed by the organization.
Task of the competition committee: decide on any appeals, settle disputes between competitors, sanction with distance (km) or time (h) penalties, validate the ranking. In the event of particularly unfavorable weather conditions, it may reschedule the start, partially modify the race route or stop the competition at any time during its course; in this case the pilots and their assistants will be notified via SMS/Telegram Official PREALPITOUR.


The following requirements are needed:

a) – To be at least 18 years of age.
b)- To be in possession of the Ae.C.I. paragliding flight certificate.
c) – To have liability insurance for paragliding flights.
d) – To be a member of FIVL or a similar foreign national paragliding federation.
e) – To be in possession of a medical certificate for competitive sports (valid for athletics or a sport that requires the same physical requirements: e.g., cycling, swimming, ultra-trail, etc.).
f) – That pilots are fully responsible for their own route and flight decisions; particularly regarding flight conditions.


a) – Each pilot must have a supporter on the ground with whom to be in constant contact; the supporter will thus always be aware of the position, the general conditions and all the information relating to the safety of the pilot; the pilot may possibly replace his assistant during the race, only after having consulted the Race Management.
b) – The supporter will be of help for the logistics and the race strategy of his pilot, but he will not be able to help him in the transport of his obligatory material; he will be the link between the organization and the pilot and must be constantly available by mobile phone; in case of pilot injury, if he needs treatment, he calls for help by contacting 118 (or 112 in Trentino) and immediately notifies the organization.
c) – The supporter or the pilot will have to send the organization a daily report via SMS/Telegram Official PREALPITOUR channel, which may even be just a few lines and contain information about the pilot. The daily sending of photos and videos will allow the organization to constantly update social networks with news and images. The pilot and the supporter authorize the “PREALPI-TOUR H&F race” organization to use their images for photos, videos, articles, etc.
d) – Pilots and supporters undertake not to leave traces of their passage and to respect the environment.
e) – In the event that this does not happen, the team may be sanctioned with penalties.


Compulsory equipment:
All flight equipment must be certified:

• Paragliding: EN 926-2 and 926-1 or LTF 91/09
• Harness: EN 1651 (with certified protection and rescue system) or LTF 91/09
• Emergency: EN 12491 or LTF 91/09
• Helmet: EN 966 and EN 1077
• Survival kit: elastic bandage, plaster, thermal sheet, signal whistle, smoke signal (visible in case of emergency in remote areas).
• Mobile phone with the number communicated to the organization
• Live Tracker (ZENITH), power bank for recharging by the pilot.
• GPS, whose trace format must be IGC UTM WGS84.

The race committee may inspect a pilot’s equipment at any time.
Strongly recommended equipment: power bank, gloves, raincoat, telescopic sticks, compass, knife, sunscreen. A RADIO is recommended for safety.
Live Tracker
Through the Live Tracker (ZENITH) the organization will monitor the competitors in real time throughout the competition; however, this will not necessarily constitute proof of the path taken; the GPS track, if requested by the organization, will be able to certify the pilot’s route.

LInk to download the app:

App store:

Google play:


A selfie of the pilot taken in front of the scoreboard will prove that he has reached each Turn Point: however, it must be supported by the pilot’s signature on the scoreboard too.
– The route will be formalized in due time by the organization.


Pre-registration will open on 10 February 2023 and will end on Thursday 31 March.
Pre-registration must be submitted by filling out completely the form, which is available on the Facebook and Instagram event pages and Para&Delta Club Feltre website.

Each admitted pilot will be given confirmation of enrollment via e-mail.

To validate the registration, each pilot will have to pay the entire registration fee of €185
The registration fee includes:
-Welcome refreshments
-Final dinner
-Gadget for TEAM.

The fees paid will not be returned, to any title, or for any reason.

Only if the PREALPITOUR is not disputed, a part of the registration fee will be returned to each registered pilot, deducted the expenses incurred by the organization.

The registration fee must be paid within 6 days from the confirmation (email) by bank transfer.

Confirmation of payment must be sent by email to this address: (Please include the bank details in the email for any refund of the registration fees).

If the fee is not paid within the payment terms, the pilot will lose his place and end up at the bottom of the ranking: if the pilot is reselected, an additional € 30.00 will be applied to the registration fee.8)


a) – Competition rules
— Pilots must always carry their mandatory equipment with them during the race.
— The pilot is only allowed one set of equipment during the 4 days of competition; in case of damage, the equipment can be replaced only after having consulted the Race Management.
— The pilot must fly in meteorological conditions appropriate to his level, considering his tiredness too; he is responsible for his choices and commits to avoid getting into any danger.
b) – Moving rules
— Pilots can only complete the route on foot or in flight with a paraglider; any other form of movement is prohibited. Paths along steep and dangerous ridges are prohibited. It is not permitted to travel through any tunnel/gallery to cross large rivers, railway, and motorway networks. The pilot must observe the rules of the road as a pedestrian.
c) – Flight rules
— Cloud flying is prohibited.
— Any pilot violating the PROHIBITED AIRSPACE will be immediately disqualified; all pilots are required to respect the PROHIBITED ZONES defined by the organization and the VFR rules (Visual Flight Rules); anyone who violates the VFR rules assumes full responsibility for it.
d) – Sanctions
— The Race Committee reserves the right to assign sanctions according to the seriousness and intentions.
A penalty may also be imposed if the jury deems that a pilot’s behavior was dangerous to his health (excessively strong weather conditions, wind, storms, etc.); this penalty can be applied during the race or even at the end, after checking the tracks.
e) – Ranking
It will be drawn up according to the pilots’ arrival at destination; in the event that a competitor does not complete the entire route, he will enter the ranking based on the distance missing to reach the Goal, considering the point in which the pilot is at the time of the conclusion of the race, at 3.30 pm on Sunday, regardless of whether either on the ground or in the air. The unofficial ranking will be drawn up according to the data obtained from Live Tracking (ZENITH).
f) – Times
During the competition days, two distinct periods are identified:
• race time: between 7:00 and 21:00 it is mandatory to turn on the Live Tracker (ZENITH).
• time of neutralization: from 21:00 to 07:00 the following morning the pilots must stop the race and recharge the instruments. When a pilot wants to restart the race, he must reactivate his Live Tracker (ZENITH) within 100 meters of the last point before the previous evening’s interruption. Pilots must always stop racing between 21:00 and 07:00 in the morning.
STARTING and STOPPING the LIVE TRACKER (ZENITH) is the pilot’s sole responsibility, who is also responsible for RECHARGING his tracking devices. Improper use of the Live Tracker (ZENITH) may result in penalties.



a) – At the end of each day of the competition all the pilots must report their position personally, or through their supporter, via SMS / Telegram official PREALPITOUR no later than 21.15. This will prevent the organization from launching search and rescue operations. Failure to signal safety will be considered a serious error with consequent disqualification of the pilot. In case of withdrawal from the race, the pilot or his supporter must immediately inform the Race Director.

b) – It is absolutely forbidden to leave the competition without first notifying the Race Director, in case immediate disqualification will be implemented.
c) – Emergency: when the pilot reaches the ground, he must immediately fold the paraglider. A non-jib paraglider on the ground or half open indicates: «I need help». The pilot flying near a pilot in distress is required to give assistance or warn rescuers with all possible means. The race committee will possibly assign an additional bonus score to the pilots who will give help to those who need it.
d) – In case of an accident:
— Phase 1: To start the emergency, you must immediately notify 118 (112 in Trentino).
— Phase 2: The pilot or supporter must inform the organization as soon as possible in order to be able to take the appropriate measures.
e) -The organization declines any and all responsibility for accidents or damage to people and things that may occur before, during and after the event.